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Caleb Frankel @CalebFrankel
. @jordan_wexler is one of the toughest leaders I know.

He just led a fun and invigorating @giftearlybird all hands w/ a thrown back from the floor of his apt.

I sometimes laugh at his discomfort, but we deeply admire the grit and the culture he's building (click photo) πŸ‘‡

We shared our H1 report for @kairosangels earlier this week and I'm quite proud of the entrepreneurs @TemiMarcella and I have partnered with. We are honored to have the privilege as these women and men are changing our world!

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Awesome πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ all my US tweeps do check out EarlyBi

. @teamkukua the creators of @supersemakukua the first African animated superhero franchise, just raised $6m in latest round led by @TencentGlobal and co led by Alchimia to expand its IP-centric kids' β€œedutainment” universe. @kairosangels

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